Alliances and partnerships

Alliances and partnerships

Alliances and partnerships


• Area Legal Management
By our partnership we offer specialised services in commercial, corporate, administrative, planning and procedural law.

• CIM Tax & Legal
By our partnership agreement, we offer specialized services in real estate law, especially all matters relating to evictions, leases, etc.


• Nou Tres Corredoria d’assegurances
By our partnership agreement, we provide all the services related to the insurance sector.

Legalization procedures. Operating and trading licenses

• EngiBCN
Provider of engineering services: legalization of facilities, start-up operating licenses and trading licenses.

Patents and trademarks

Through our partnership, we provide all those services involved in the registration of patents and trademarks.

• Durán-Corretjer

• Isern Patentes y Marcas


Installation, repair and maintenance

• Aisatime
Supplier for small masonry works and reforms.

• Instal·lacions Galí
Provider of water, gas, heating, electricity and telecommunications systems.

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