Lawyers, law offices and professional advisers

Our services are oriented towards law firms as a complement to their clients’ loyalty. Our services are also suitable for other types of specialized professional firms, such as: labour consultants, economists, financial advisors, insurance brokers, property administrators, etc.

Outsourcing: either by specialty (labour, tax, accounting, etc.) or a comprehensive management including all the areas. 

Relationship models adapted to the needs of professional office and advisor, from the direct service to the end customer’s advisor (alliance-collaboration) to the model where the consultant is the one who contacts the client, placing a model as it was a “white label”.

Different fee arrangements tailored to the needs of each moment.

With this service we provide the opportunity to our adviser customer to earn and improve its competitiveness, without costs in knowledge investment, technology, human resources, software, etc. That increases the customers’ loyalty, and therefore client can grow without fixed costs. It also widens the range of additional services to their core business; you can choose which services you provide outsourced.

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