How we do it

We are a multidisciplinary team of 25 professionals in continual training with the expertise and ability to provide a quality and beneficial service. By assigning a account manager to the client, we coordinate the work of various professionals and act as a single voice for our client.

Working together, we ensure the continued evolution of the service.
Experience and profitability. We provide you with innovative solutions and our expertise in different areas to help your business get the best results.

Technology and efficiency: by implementing and using technology platforms, we enable a customer service approach and the interconnection between consultant and company.

The Client Web Portal, a solution that facilitates information and allows the classification of the client documentation: tax returns, contracts, pay slips, etc.

The Employee Web Portal is an innovative solution that allows outsourcing the relationship and interaction processes between the company and its employees-contributors: payslips, certificates, etc.

Quality and commitment. Our work processes are defined and standardized according to ISO standards. Similarly, the entire system is certified by AENOR.
Procurement of services tailored to your needs and according to the degree of involvement and responsibility. Rates tailored to the business model and client characteristics.


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